1. What is HelpDesk4PC?
HelpDesk4PC is a group of computer support experts, who provides hassle-free, expert tech support to home and corporate customers. We do not charge until we fix your PC which makes us unique as compared to other similar service providers. Our presence is 24 X 7 i.e. round the clock available.

2. What services does HelpDesk4PC offer?
HelpDesk4PC offers FIX-IT-ONE-TIME and ON-GOING-TECH-SUPPORT plans. Our ON-GOING-TECH-SUPPORT plans provide you complete access to our qualified experts 24/7, 365 days a year to help you get the most out of your technology.

Some of the services provided by HelpDesk4PC are listed below:-

  • Optimize your PC to increase performance & usage.
  • Search & eradicate viruses, worms and malicious contents which have invaded into your PC.
  • Scan, Suggest & Update Anti-Virus software and other PC Protection tools.
  • Provide support in Back-up processes to prevent Data loss.
  • Set up Home and Small office networks (including wireless networks) – along with the latest security.
  • Troubleshoot & resolve email, software, printer, scanner, digital camera and other peripheral problems.
  • Troubleshoot & fix error messages, frozen screens, blue screen errors and a lot more.

3. What is Remote Computer Support?
At HelpDesk4PC we use cutting edge technology for our process. We provide our services remotely using genuine Remote Desktop Sharing Tools. It allows you to let a technician see your computer screen remotely over the internet and share your mouse and keyboard. We then troubleshoot whatever issue you may be having. You can see everything we are doing to your PC as if we are in front of you. Packing up your computer and taking it to a store is no longer needed with today’s technology.

4. Is it secure?
We use the latest encryption technology to connect to your computer. The connection between your and our computer is established through our special application and it is encrypted by a 128 bit encrypted key. Moreover, before connecting the software seeks your permission. During troubleshooting also you can take over and disconnect the access anytime. Once our IT Experts have completed the support session then the remote control software disconnects securely and safely from your system and cannot reconnect to your system without your permission.
Moreover, after the session is over our techie’s have no access to your computer and could not see your desktop anymore until you login again and request service.

5. How long does an average support session last?
We strive to resolve all issues immediately whereas the average remote support session lasts anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the severity of the problems you’re experiencing and the service you registered for.

6. Why is remote support better than traditional tech support?
Remote support is safe, secure, more convenient and faster than traditional tech support. With remote support, you don’t have to hassle with unplugging your computer and taking it anywhere or having a stranger come into your home. Moreover, the traditional method would cost you more. Remote computer support allows us to interact directly with your computer, enabling us to resolve the most complicated issue remotely.

7. Are the technicians qualified to work on my PC?
The experts at HelpDesk4PC possess sufficient experience in solving computer related problems. They have the expertise in all Microsoft Application Training. We have separate specialists to support Windows and Macintosh. They are the certified professionals, developers and network administrators. They go through extensive training before serving any of our customers. Moreover, our experts have in average experience of over 10 years working in the same industry. Our experts are Microsoft/CISCO/Red Hat certified or Engineering Graduates who can deliver excellent service to you.

8. Do you support Apple Macintosh and Linux PC’s? Also do you provide support to old computers?
We have specialized technicians to deal with Mac or Linux Operating System who are well versed with the working of the particular Operating System i.e. Mac or Linux.
We support computers which are not more than 5 years old and have atleast Windows 2000 operating system. Systems which are older than recommended to be upgraded first as old computers might not be compliant to the ever evolving information technology and they may also not support the latest software we use.

9. I have a small problem in my PC and I just need few minutes of Expert help to get rid of the problem. Why should I opt for the ON-GOING-TECH-SUPPORT Plans?
Well in that case you can opt for HelpDesk4PC’s FIX-IT-ONE-TIME Plan where we fix the problem and charge for only that session which is very reasonable. Moreover, we follow the policy NO-FIX-NO-FEE, where if in case our techie would not be able to fix the concerned problem we do not charge for the same.
On the other hand, in ON-GOING-TECH-SUPPORT complete PC maintenance is assured. You get freedom from external attacks and threats throughout your plan period.

10. What if my problem is not resolved?
We ensure that we provide quality service to our customers so that they can experience “WOW” service from us. In the highly unlikely event that we cannot fix your problem, we offer a NO-FIX-NO-FEE policy for all Online Support Sessions. If we are unable to fulfill our commitments than in that case your IT Expert will immediately refund the amount back to your account. But in our history we have not seen any cases where people have demanded for refund. Although we guarantee 7 days money back if you’re not satisfied with our services.

11. Can I leave a voice massage to the number provided by you for a call back?
Yes, once you leave a voice message, our next available agent will give you a call back on the same number to provide computer help and troubleshoot your computer issues. Moreover, you can also visit our webpage http://www.helpdesk4pc.com and fill in the required details. Our agents would call you back within 24 hours.

12. What are all the products supported?
We provide computer support to all PC operating systems, applications and networking devices. We provide Windows/Microsoft Support, Mac Support, Linux Support, and various other products for networking including solving printer issues.

13. Why do I need HelpDesk4PC when I can repair my PC from tools available on Internet?
We at HelpDesk4PC use the most genuine softwares to serve our customers and ensure complete maintenance of their PC. On the other hand, if you go in search for tools for smart tune up and optimized pc you may end up in spending more than $300-$400 in softwares including Anti-Spyware, Optimizers, Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Registry Cleaner etc. Even after spending so much this will not ensure that you’re 100% safe from Hackers and other attacks nor these softwares prompts for critical updates.

14. Will you have the history of my past interactions and troubleshooting?
Yes, we believe in delivering quality service to our customers for which we take the best of technicians to work upon your PC. Thus whenever an existing customer contacts any of our techie to provide support that techie would have the entire past session records of the same customer, in front of him. This will help the expert to provide the service in the most efficient manner.

15. If I change my system, will I need to buy fresh service plan for the new system even when my plan period taken for the previous system have not expired?
If you have bought an ON-GOING-TECH-SUPPORT Plan, you are totally covered for any gadget/system you have currently or you buy in future for the time the plan is valid. In case of an FIX-IT-ONE-TIME plan we provide support of installations, troubleshooting or resolving issues for only 1 PC or 1 Gadget at a time.

16. Is the number provided on your website is toll free?
Yes, our toll free number is completely free to call from the United States. In addition you can chat with us and we can connect to your PC and fix it without you ever calling our toll free number at all.

17. How do I avail for HelpDesk4PC services?
The first step is to register and create an account with HelpDesk4PC (it’s free), than the payment is made using the most secure payment gateway, thereafter, our tech support engineers would fix your computer or troubleshoot any issue.

18. Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Euro Card, America Express/Optima etc. But for security reasons we do not accept money/cash transfers like transfer by western union or any other mode of the same kind. We only take online payments which also shows the credential of the company, so that each payment is on the records and refundable within the stipulated time period. All customers are required to make payment for our support in advance before availing our services.

19. Is your website and payment process secure?
We use industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption to protect your personal and payment details as they are sent across the internet, the same security is used by banks. We do not store your credit card information.

20. How and when do I get billed for the service?
You need to have a valid credit card to sign up for our services. We do not accept any other form of payment (cash, checks, money orders, etc.).
During the registration process, you will be offered to select a plan :-

  • If you choose a FIX-IT-ONE-TIME plan, you will be billed each time you ask a new question. However, no charge will apply if you return to work with a previously asked question.
  • If you choose an ON-GOING-TECH-SUPPORT plan, your credit card will be billed for the period depending on the sub-plan (i.e. Imperial, Deluxe, Royale or Ultimate) chosen during the registration process.
  • During the registration or manual renewal, you will be asked to provide us with your name as it appears on your credit card, your credit card number and expiration date. Your credit card will be billed within one business day after your registration or manual renewal. Please refer to the Terms of Use or the pricing plans for more information.

21. I've tried to register and entered my credit card information, but I keep getting an error. What's going on?
If your credit card transaction failed, the reasons can be the following: Incorrect credit card information: Please enter this information again exactly as it appears on your credit card. For some reason the information you submitted did not go through and could not be verified as valid. Please contact the credit card issuer or use another credit card.

22. Can I use your service on multiple computers? Our pricing policy requires a separate license for every computer that needs to be supported. However, you may use another computer to contact our support team, in case the troubled computer cannot go online. Additional support licenses may be purchased at a discount rate.

23. What information about me and my system do you store on your servers? Is it secure? How is this information used?
The only personal information we store on our servers is your e-mail address and your full name. The information about your system includes data such as the type of your operating system, processor type, the amount of free memory, the amount of free disk space and the like.
We collect only data about the configuration of your system so that we can locate and troubleshoot your problems faster and more successfully. We do not have access to any of your other personal information or data stored on your system. Every measure has been taken to make sure that the information we have about you cannot be accessed by any third party.
For further information on this issue please see our Privacy Policy.

24. Is it true that a support representative can see everything on my screen during a screen sharing session?
Yes. Although before a screen sharing session begins, a support representative will ask for your permission to start a screen-sharing session and request that you close all documents containing private information.

25. Can your support technician look through files on my computer without my knowledge?
Absolutely not. During a screen sharing session our technician sees only what you see and whatever you decide to show on your screen. The only way for a support representative to work directly on your computer is for you to explicitly agree to use screen sharing. Also, a support technician will not take any actions without asking for your permission. The programs that we use during the repair sessions have been designed in such a way that it is impossible to access any sensitive and private information on your PC.

26. What can I do, if I forgot my password?
Don't worry - we will help you to retrieve it. Click on Forgot your password link right underneath the Login button on our home page, or on the Login Information confirmation page which you see after entering either login name or password incorrectly. You will be asked to provide your logon name, and we will send your password to the e-mail as it appears in your profile (as provided during the registration or the last update by user, if any).

27. How do I contact Customer Support?
For all general inquiries, please use the submit ticket facility or refer to the Contact Us page. Users willing to report problems related to the usage of our Web site or service may mail us at complaint@helpdesk4pc.com or call us at 18666622747. We will respond within 24 hours and work with you to ensure your satisfaction.
For existing customers, in order to avail the services they have the following ways to contact us:-

  • Mail us at support@helpdesk4pc.com
  • Call us at 18666622747
  • Submit their details at “Call Back” option placed on the top of our Home Page.
  • Clicking on the Instant Chat Option on our website.